Snowed-in Saturday

Today was just an all around terrible day. But, before I go into all those drab details, I'll share the one good thing that came out of this day-that-can-go-to-hell-and-never-repeat-itself:

That, my dear friends, is my Fiona- trying to make sense of the mounds and mounds of snow that fell while she was sleeping. I am a tried and true animal lover, but the love I have for that dog may be slightly unhealthy. Until I am unselfish enough to give my life over to another human being (i.e., birth a child), Fiona is my baby. Who am I kidding, she'll go on being my baby even after that whole kid thing happens.

I have a bird, too. But he squawked all day and added insult to injury, so he didn't make today's list of things that made me smile. The injury part was Shawn's car getting broken into--- and his satellite radio getting stolen. BLEGH. As much as the stolen radio sucked, the worst part was cleaning up minute shards of glass in the dead of winter. To the thief: Why did you have to shatter the window? Couldn't you have been a little more meticulous that the pieces of glass I was picking up did not look more like shavings? I mean, really? Don't they write books about how to steal things with the most concern for the victim of the theft? I'll dream on.

Anyway, that's THAT. I was certainly happy to see midnight come around and the previous day go out the window. I can't wait to partake in Super Bowl shenanigans. Shawn and I and a few of our friends are heading over to a local Cinema Grill to watch the game on the big screen and eat our weight in all-you-can-eat wings and pizza. Go Colts!