Reasons why I love the man snoring next to me

1. He is my best friend.
2. He gets it when I would rather jump into oncoming traffic than be affectionate.
3. He loves his computer as much as I do-- so the little moments when I'm sitting next to him on my laptop, while he is on his laptop, neither of us are saying a word, and yet we are perfectly, blissfully, happy, and I see this nerdiness repeating itself well into our elderly years.
4. He only yells at me for being a bad driver when I'm about to kill us...
5. The way he looks at our puppy
6. He's not ashamed to buy me Tampons and Midol, even if I'm not shopping with him
7. He makes snarky comments so quietly that only I can hear them...and I laugh and no one understands what I'm laughing about
8. His laugh makes me laugh harder than my favorite stand-up comedians' jokes
9. He knows when to just let me rant, eventually I'll calm down and realize what a dumbass I'm being. I do.
10. Sometimes we act like big kids together
11. He doesn't get annoyed when I cry over the homeless animal commercials on TV
12. He humors me when I want to make those $1 donations to animal shelters and children's hospitals
13. He promises to humor me one day by volunteering for a few days at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah.
14. He, too, thinks it would be cool to be Mario and Luigi for Halloween.
15. The rule we have about the radio- if I'm driving, I pick the music. If he drives, he gets to.
16. He kissed me in the rain at a Counting Crows concert.
17. He usually falls asleep before me, so when I go to sleep at night I always whisper 'I love you', and he always whispers it back <3
18. He never makes me feel stupid for my computer/electronic illiteracy, even when I can't figure out the TV remote for the umpteenth time.
19. When I won't tell him what's wrong, he calls my best friend because he knows that she'll know.
20. He loves my Mommy and Granny almost as much as I do.
21. He can read maps well, I have special needs for map-reading.
22. He's awesome at making my computer work again.
23. He has patience. More than I could ever hope to have.
24. He is the least judgmental person I've ever met.
25. He knows I don't like rudeness or crudeness--- so he avoids mention of bodily fluids, flatulence, and peeing in front of me as best he can.
26. I admire him. He admires me.
27. I respect him. He respects me.
28. He's more conservative with money than me, thus, preserving our hopes of enjoying a happy retirement and not living paycheck to paycheck.
29. He always smells good.
30. He is my future.

To be continued...I hope everyone had a happy Valentine's day. We spent the first part of our day househunting, and we found some absolutely beautiful homes! It was just amazing to envision our family there one of these days. Then we came home to relax a little and then went to dinner at Bravo for some delicious Italian food. I'm so lucky to have spent the day with the best friend I've ever had and the person I will love for the rest of my days. You know, at the risk of sounding cheesy.