Halloween Weekend

Quiet. Not a noise I hear all that often these days, and certainly not this weekend. Before I get into all that, I'm going to take a moment to savor the sheer...quiet of it all. Shawn has finally given up work for the evening and is passed out on the couch, beneath a blanket far too small for his long and lanky physique. I know this because his toes are peeking out of the end of it. We finally turned off the light next to Archie's cage, so he, too has retired to a peaceful slumber (and given us all a break from his squawking). Fiona and Arley are sleeping next to me, though they haven't retired for the night yet because they need to step outside and do their evening business. As for me, I have abandoned any hope of having a clean house with which to start the work week, and as such, have decided to put it off for another day and write a little.

We had a great Halloween weekend! Quite eventful, which I welcomed, for a change. Normally, I become quite grumpy if I don't get enough "me" time, which usually equates to "down" time. But we were busy and it was fun and the social obligations didn't feel as much like obligations, I just plain old looked forward to them.

Friday night we went to one of our favorite little pubs with one of our favorite couples: PJ O'Keefe's with Kelli & Nate. Love these kids. This particular pub is one that's in the suburbs of Indianapolis, so it doesn't necessarily attract a younger crowd (which is just fine with me as it was good conversations, drinks, and laughs we sought). Nevertheless, the four of us decided to dress up. I mean, how many times a year do we, as twenty somethings with lives and responsibilities, get to dress up in costumes and be characters of our choosing? So we dressed up. A sexy baseball player, a scarecrow, & Robin Hood & Friar Tuck all made their way into this suburban strip mall pub. And oh the looks we got from people! Lest I forget to mention it, we were four of the maybe five individuals in the whole place dressed up. Everyone else had likely come from work or was just boring and not lively and didn't get in the Halloween spirit. I like to think the looks we received were looks of jealousy, for being young, beautiful, and fun-loving. Pictures of youth that had passed them by...but it's likely that's a little dramatic.

Anyway, hours passed, we got used to the stares, and eventually it ceased to matter. We got drunk and we forgot the world existed for awhile, just us and our cast of characters, enjoying good drinks and good times with the greatest of friends.

...I spent most of the day Saturday trying to recover.   Meagan's little girl was with her daddy for Halloween, which sucks for her because she didn't get to take Amirah trick-or-treating, but was good for us because we got to get together and partake in weekend festivities together.  She and her boyfriend, Billy, joined us in our recovery efforts for the day, as they had also gone out the night before.  We went to see the last Saw movie, were pissed for a multitude of reasons.  The first being that our movie theatre wasn't showing it in 3D (big bummer!), the second being that the movie just all around was not good.  Gory, yes.  Realistic?  Not at all.  We spent more time laughing at the cheesy dialogue and terrible acting than we did actually being frightened or even repulsed.  Big disappointment there.

Later in the evening, Shawn and I had a couple of Halloween parties to which we planned to go.  The four of us got ready and began our night at Jenn's---taking pictures and bonding with her adorable new puppy.  We then went over to our friend Scott's house for a pretty badass Halloween party.  I don't recall a good portion of the night, though I do know that Shawn and I left for a brief period to go to another party we were invited to down the road---my friend and coworker Casey's house.  Good times all around.  Bonfires and beer and people in silly costumes---just can't quite go wrong there.

Back to Scott's house--- we played what seemed like several hours of flippy cup in which I determined that my flippy cup skills are significantly better than my beer pong skills, and that says nothing at all.  I reached a point in the night when I couldn't stomach the thought of anymore to drink and was, in all honesty, just very tired.  The good Friar drove Pocahontas and myself home, after which he fell asleep and Pocahontas and I ordered Cheesy Bread and had a very in-depth, drunken discussion about politics.  Ohhhh the memories.  It also occurred to me as I was typing this that I've spent the past four Halloweens with Jenn--- and our evenings usually always end in a similar way. 

I actually felt pretty good on Sunday.  I spent it lounging about in my pajamas, we also had our very first trick-or-treaters tonight!  Shawn even morphed back into Friar Tuck for the occasion.  Kinda fun, I must say!

I'll end on that positive note, and leave you with some pictures of Halloweens past:

 A witch and a Catholic school girl.  This was our sophomore year, also known as my first year as an IU student.  Epic. 
A devil and a bumblebee in Indy.  See that feather boa around my neck?  Jenn and Brian were still finding feathers from it a year and a half later.  Oops!
Our dogs hated us this night.  I loved that costume, though.  Almost everything was from Goodwill.  We enjoyed a fun-filled night in Broadripple shortly after this.  I became so inebriated that I attempted to pull the "do not park" covers from the parking meters and was threatened by a cop. 

Pocahontas, Firewoman, and Robin Hood ready for another fun-filled Halloween night. 

Happy Howl-O-Ween from my baby skunk!