On exercise

I got a new laptop, so I don't have an excuse not to keep up with this blog. Feel free to hold me accountable.

We had a pretty laid-back weekend. We went computer shopping on Friday (I was just so tired of either stealing Shawn's computer, trying to type emails on my Iphone, or trying to type with major keys missing), a little thrifting on Saturday, took the dogs to the park, oh, and I lived at the gym at Saturday and Sunday.

Working out really does make me feel great, it's just the getting there and actually doing it that's the kicker...But I have to continue reminding myself how amazing I feel when I'm finished! And how good it feels to be in control of what I am eating. And how shitty I feel when I've finished gorging myself at a Chinese buffet, or the Olive Garden, or (insert any dish with an obscene caloric content at overpriced restaurant here). Yeah. Even though the weight isn't coming off as fast as I want it to, there are other changes that make it worth it. And I love my Weight Watchers meetings. Contrary to popular belief, weigh-in is confidential (I didn't know that when I started!). The tips and support I've gotten from other members has been awesome, and yeah, things are just good. I'm hoping that now that I've kicked up my exercise and water intake a couple notches that the weight will come off that much faster.

Wish I could go with Jenn more often. Unfortunately, our schedules are pretty well opposite (she works at night, I work during the day), so she goes early in the morning. Oh well.

I can do this. And I will. My motivation is knowing that, on my wedding day, I have to feel like I did the absolute best I could to look the best I can.

Like I said, a pretty laid back weekend. Apologies for the lack of substance in this blog entry. It's been a long, fulfilling day and I'm spent.