I'm that girl who actually titles her first entry with "First entry"

I always get a little embarrassed being alone in a computer lab. I wonder if passersby think I'm looking at porn in here because I'm not technologically advanced enough to have a computer at home. Oh wait, that's what *I* think of middle-aged men sitting alone in computer labs. Though, these days, it doesn't even require the alone factor. True story: I was in the public library surrounded by a variety of different individuals when I spotted a 40something bearded man shamelessly perusing a website full of naked women. Wow, dude. I am embarrassed for you. Couldn't you have at least used your brother-in-law's cousin's best friend's computer, I mean, come on, this is a public arena, not your sexual wonderland.
No porn for Whitney, just the first of what I hope to be many blog entries. I've tried this many times, and failed, I don't really know why. I forget, I don't give my blog name out to friends/family so if no one's reading it then what am I doing writing, etc., All around, just a multitude of excuses. So here I am. I should be studying for the Drugs & Society test I have in half an hour, but nah, I'll create a blog and hope people will read it instead.
I think part of my problem is including too much personal information, since I'm a creative writer I have a tendency to creatively write which ends in me writing deep, exposing essays and/or poetry and wondering why I'm just not comfortable broadcasting said emotional wreckage to all of the blogging world. Hmm. So, I'll try to keep it light, or at least, but a comical, sarcastic spin on the darker bits.
Look for various rants about life, relationships, politics, tales of drunken college nights, a pretty colorful cast of characters, and a hopeful narrator with a cynical edge.